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"Mayday is like the mob, once you're in, you're in for life"

- Bernz -

NAME: Bernz

ALIASES: Mr. Bernz, Bernbizzle, Bern


ROLES: Vocalist, Producer, Performer, Founder

YEARS ACTIVE: 2006-Current

LAST SPOTTED:  Wherever the Pastafarians kick it.

NAME: Wrekonize

ALIASES: Wrek, NoCNoG, Billboard Baggins


ROLES: Vocalist, Producer, Performer, Mayday IT Guy


YEARS ACTIVE: 2009-Current

LAST SPOTTED:  Watching Ghostbusters for the millionth time. 


ALIASES: Noms, The Nuclear Percussionist, Schnoogs


ROLES: Percussionist, Producer, Performer, LIT Ambassador 


YEARS ACTIVE: 2009-Current

LAST SPOTTED:  Teaching the children of Miami how to pop like a superstar.

NAME: Gianni Ca$h

ALIASES: Gio, The Stache, Cash is King


ROLES: Bass, Keys, Percussionist, Producer, Performer


YEARS ACTIVE: 2008-2016

LAST SPOTTED:  Rolling the streets of Miami like ​a boss. 

NAME: Plex Luthor

ALIASES: Plexo, The Luthor, The Wizard


ROLES: Guitar, Keys, Producer, Performer, Founder


YEARS ACTIVE: 2006-2015

LAST SPOTTED:  Coding and debugging the next big thing.​

NAME: LT Hopkins

ALIASES: LT, T, Terrell


ROLES: Drummer, Performer


YEARS ACTIVE: 2009-2013

LAST SPOTTED:  RIding in Critical Mass while keeping perfect time.​

NAME: Felix

ALIASES: B-boy Felix,, Yogi Felix, Guru Felix 

ROLES: Bassist, DJ, Drummer, Coach


YEARS ACTIVE: 2015-2017

LAST SPOTTED:  In command of The Biggest & The Baddest.

NAME: Primo



ROLES: Bassist


YEARS ACTIVE: 2007-2009

LAST SPOTTED:  Traveling to other planets and beyond.

NAME: DJ Artime

ALIASES: Dj Smalls,




YEARS ACTIVE: 2006-2008

LAST SPOTTED:  Playing a number of instruments across the globe.

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